We love to give back to the community so we exposed some of our tools for free.


Through the power of advanced sports analytics data, our tool lets you find out if your transfer target is eligible to play in the UK.
By codifying the rules of the English FA, we help scouts, sports lawyers, sports directors, coaches, agents, club owners and media to understand within seconds if transfer targets are eligible to play in the UK.
With no bias, no cost and no risk, we save hours of time and provide the information you need in seconds.
Can I play in the UK?

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Our bot provides continous global tallents discovery for free, showcasing the tip of the iceberg of our talents spotting system.
Every time a young player records significant minutes in one of the biggest leagues around the world, the bot provides detailed information about their appearance.
The daily alerts are used by agents, journalists, Fantasy Football enthusiats, and NFT investiors, saving the hours of manual sifting through lineups and match results.