Football federations are facing new types of challenges due to globalization

Data-driven solutions for identifying, monitoring and evaluating players for the national selections provide a smart shortcut for innovative federations who want to optimize their budgets whilst covering a global pool of players.

National Talent Discovery

Finding and contacting players outside of their own countries is a constant struggle for federations that actively look for eligible talents.
Our automated discovery tool automatically detects players as early as 15 years old who are likely to be eligible to play for the country of origin, even if they were born and/or raised elsewhere.

Player Monitoring

Monitoring several hundred players continuously requires either a huge scouting department or innovation.
Our monitoring tools allow federations to track all players of interest around the globe continuously and through objective measures.
With automated triggers and notifications, national team coaches and staff can quickly identify the right players for the next call ups. Interested to know more?