Practical solutions for clubs that want to get started with data in recruitment

Scouting is the backbone of every successful football project. Thanks to data, clubs don’t need any more dozens of scouts to monitor hundreds of competitions globally and find shadow talents.
Yet, most data-scouting tools are complex, difficult to navigate and time consuming.
But not ours – our tools and services allow the professionals to cut corners and focus their time on their core expertise – football.

Automated Scouting

“I just need the names” is probably the most common phrase in player recruitment. Our automated scouting services does just that – you give us the criteria (any criteria, try us) and we automate the talent hunting process. You get your names in your email or Whatsapp, daily, weekly or monthly, ready for you to finish the job.
Player performance evaluation
Data-driven and objective evaluation of players’ ability based on their performance. Fully tailorable to the philosophy of your club, your budget, and your specific targets. We cover hundreds of professional leagues, more than 150 000 active players on youth and men’s level. Once setup, the tool automatically sends you the names of the players who fit your criteria, as well as information on their agents, contract expiry, expected transfer value, injuries, physical metrics and performance. Great tool for clubs that want to get started with data-scouting without a huge investment and the hassle to navigate a data-platform. Interested in a demo?
Debuts and Young Players
Be amongst the first clubs to find out emerging young talents. Completely automated detection of young players who start to get minutes in any league across the world.